Ann Sperling, Viticulturist

Making Dames Wines takes more than just great wine making, It all begins in the vineyard. Our Dames White was made with a beautiful BC blend of 80% Pinot Blanc from Sperling Vineyard in Kelowna, 10% Riesling from Sperling Vineyard in Kelowna grown by Viticulturist Ann Sperling.  Sperling loves the opportunity to connect with women at all stages of development in the multifaceted industry.  Sperling is a role model for women in wine as she provides an example where 30+ years can lead.  Since 1984, Sperling has been making wine in Canadian vineyards in BC, ON, and some projects in Nova Scotia. She enjoys the exciting cultural of winemaking and not only spending time in the vineyards, but also with restaurateurs, tasting wines and communicating the great things about working with Canadian grapes. In the late 1990’s Sperling turned her attention to organics and biodynamics, so now works exclusively with vineyards pursuing this type of agriculture and winemaking.
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