Christine Moulson, Branding Consultant and Designer

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, most do. What’s in the bottle is of course of utmost importance, but what’s on that bottle can’t be overlooked. Thanks to Christine Moulson, Dames Wine Branding Consultant and Designer, our wine bottles look as good as our wine tastes.

Moulson joined the project to assist women in the food & beverage industry by working create something wonderful that is representative of the industry and to give other women the opportunity to go forth and be successful.  When she first tasted Mireille’s wine, her mind was immediately flooded with the colour that each wine evoked and thus the concept for the labels was born. It was a very organic process.

Moulson has been involved in the F&B industry for many years. As a partner of Tealeaves (formerly know as T), she helped to establish the company as a leader in the luxury tea market. Evolving from a single Tearoom in Vancouver, Tealeaves is now the custom tea blender of choice for five-star properties and Michelin chefs worldwide. More recently, she has partnered in opening Strange Fellows Brewing – a craft brewery in Vancouver, where  she am the brand and packaging designer.  Her background in art and design has been put to good use in expressing visually the essence of food and beverage companies she works with. She loves a well-designed package that hints at a story and sets the tone for the enjoyment of what is within.